Waffle Shop -- A Good Breakfast Makes the Difference
Sierra Lodestar 03/31/10

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A Good Breakfast Makes the Difference

By Antoinette May Herndon

Oh, Waffle Shop, oh, Waffle Shop. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or is it the times? Millions, seemingly. As of this month Charles and I have been going there for breakfast on a regular basis for eight years. You can believe me when I say, the food is always good, the wait staff invariably cheerful.

Isn’t it a grand and glorious thing to start the day knowing that for at least one hour in the next 24 life will go absolutely right? That’s how I feel about having breakfast at the Waffle Shop in Jackson. I know it’s going to be great. What could possibly go wrong?

But the other day something did. Charles and I had just settled in, he with his coffee, me with my ice tea ($1.79 respectively.) Suddenly a small group seated by the window and adjacent to us, began to point and call out, “Is that your white truck?” We nodded. “Well, that old man in the blue truck just backed into it.”

Charles went out to check. Happily, Chloe, our little girl dog, was cool about the collision. She had been sitting in the truck, no doubt daydreaming about the slice of bacon I’d be bringing back with me. Chloe now watched the proceedings, curious but undisturbed.

Sure enough our front fender paint was chipped, some of the white now transferred

to the blue truck’s back fender.

“I don’t think I did it,” the man, somewhere in his high eighties, answered vaguely. His wife, perhaps not hearing, struggled out the other side and set up her walker. At least five people now watching the scene intently thought otherwise.

What to do? In this case nothing. Was “winning” really worth calling the police, filing claims, hassling with insurance? Who knew, in this case maybe a stroke or a heart attack. The answer was no. Though, maybe if it had been my aged but still much beloved little beamer that had gotten dinged, I wouldn’t have been so sanguine.

But trucks are tough, they can take it better than people. This was the start of a golden day. Our perfect breakfasts were waiting inside. Some incidents are better forgotten and the Waffle Shop made that easy. A large, airy place decorated in restful shades of dark green and muted mauve, it proved the perfect haven.

We settled back into our serene green booth. The decision of what to order had been a tough one for me that morning. The Waffle Shop has lots of good options: two eggs and corned beef hash ($8.75), three eggs and a steak ($9.95), two eggs and a sausage patty ($8.55). All of these come with a choice of hash browns or country potatoes, biscuits and gravy or toast.

I’ve enjoyed all of them many times but on

that particular day I craved variety. How often had I wantonly eyed the Apple-Raisin Waffle? This time I caved into desire. I want to tell you that there were no regrets. Some flings are worth it. The Apple-Raisin Waffle is mixed with raisins in the batter and topped with hot apples and still more raisins. It’s such a steal at $7.25 that I ended up ordering a side of bacon ($3.95).

Charles opted for an old favorite of his, the Waffle Combo. This delicious standard, priced at $6.95, includes a waffle with two eggs and a choice of four bacon strips, four sausage links or a slice of ham.

As always, it was a great breakfast. Our good looking server, Dustin Upshaw, was pleasant, efficient and happy. He’s worked at the Waffle Shop since the eatery’s beginning ten years ago and obviously enjoys it. Dustin’s enthusiasm is pleasant to feel.

As we all know, stuff happens. But don’t you agree that eating well is the best revenge?

VITALS: Waffle Shop, 543 South Highway 39, Jackson. Phone: 223- 4888. Open daily from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. During the month of April—in celebration of their 10th anniversary—the Waffle Shop will extend its hours to 9 p.m. Credit cards accepted.


Dustin Upshaw has worked at the Waffle Shop since its opening ten years ago.

The Waffle Shop’s interior is attractive and inviting.